ops storybook angular scully

Running this project requires 2 build steps ran at the same time.

starting the Angular build process

npm run build -- --watch
npm run scully -- --watch

note it is also recommended to run npm run clean before any of this, to prevent any extra cached files from being used.

At this point 2 servers should be running, the main client, and the static client. Here are the localhost urls available:

angular - http://localhost:4200

scully - http://localhost:4201

note running this project in github codespaces will result in the client not automatically reloading. To fix this use:

npm run start -- --host= --disable-host-check

note if new files where added, then pass in the --scan flag to the scully npm script, which will scan for new static files.

running e2e testing in codespaces

nmx run e2e -- --project=client-e2e --headless

note this may change in the future to support scully builds instead.

running storybook in codespaces

npx nx run client:docs-json
npx nx run client:storybook

note the docs-json is required to display methods via compodoc.

Published on 5/30/21
By Brad Taniguchi