Happy Halloween for those that celebrate it!

So, I've been busy. To busy to work on side-projects, this site, or even finish hacktoberfest. I was able to get in 2 accepted PR's, but my third isn't finished, and I never found time to get my fourth and last one. I was going to plant a tree this year, but it seems like I wont even be able to find enough time to contribute enough to accomplish that!

Regardless, I've been busy working and handling a bunch of stuff outside of development, like hosting some parties, and going to live events. Its been great to actually get back into things after not doing anything for over a year.

Future Work

My side projects have languished behind my few hacktoberfest contributions, and I look forward to getting back into them now that I wont feel guilty working on them. I have 2 projects I want to focus on the next few months before the end of the year.

  1. Flash Card App - this was the one I mentioned in the last post. The last thing I was able to finish before focusing on hacktoberfest was the actual ngrx+firestore state management. I'm on the side of "its too complex for its own good" right now, but it was a nice learning experience.

  2. Chrome-neo2 - the original version hasn't been updated for years. I think expanding on it should be necessary given that the chrome store has changed a number of policies. To the point I'm not sure if my extension can be updated without updating a number of properties.

I think re-looking into chrome extension development with all of what I've learned would be an interesting and fun experience.

Until the next time, keep building, keep learning!

Published on 10/31/21
By Brad Taniguchi