new blog generation

From here on out, blogs will be generated using the same logic as the other types of posts, rather than dates. This should make things more descriptive, informative, searchable and easier to find later.

onto the updates

I haven't written a blog post in a while due to primarily being really busy. Work has been a lot, sucking up most of my energy. However, I've re-focused onto the following tasks/projects for the last few weeks, which should carry over into the rest of October.

  1. Pivoted away from learning Clojure.

A few weeks back I took some time to look at the jobs available for learning Clojure in the Los Angeles area, more as a curiosity than anything. I basically found no jobs for that specific technology. Because of that, I dug into the technology as a whole, and realized that its very niche. Stack Overflow's yearly dev survey put it below 2% of respondents.

Because of this, I stopped my learnings of the language, as not only would it be far fetched to get good enough to actually use it day to day, it would be nearly useless in regards to future possible job opportunities.

Instead, I've started reviewing topics "closer to home", so I've been reading older docs on Reactive programming with rxjs.

  1. Starting to seriously work on the final iteration of my "main side-project"

My main side-project is essentially a flash card app. Which was only slightly more interesting than a TODO-app. However, I've been paying for its domain for a year+. Its not much (12$ a year), but I realized I should get something up on the domain and call it "finished". Because of this I've started working on what is now the 5th iteration of the project with the pure goal of finishing it with bare-bones functionality.

I'll be spending most of my extra development energy on this project, and I've been keeping track of my work using to see how "quick" I actually did it.

  1. Hacktoberfest has started, and I've been looking for open source projects to contribute too

I personally like the idea of hacktoberfest. If anything it forces one to "get out of their comfort zone" and contributing to open source. I've been working on a project for someone who has helped me in the past. Which I think is a nice way to learn something new, while "giving back" directly. I'd like to find at least 1 other open source repo to contribute to before months end and will be looking around after I finish up the ones currently on-going.

  1. Continue updates on this portfolio/blog

This site has been more "off to the side" in regards to recent updates. There are still a good amount of smaller things, and improvements I need to make, but they will come in time.

Thats all the updates I have for now, keep building, keep learning!

Published on 10/10/21
By Brad Taniguchi