I'm back going over the same side project I've been iterating against. With the main driving force being I'm still paying for the domain name.

Its a simple flash-card app, except this time I'm purposely building it with the goal of finishing it. This means limiting the amount of ops by using firebase, keeping the requirements as simple as possible, and leaning on the technologies I know the most.

It also means the features of the app are going to be limited to the simplest aspects, and I wont optimize much, if anything until the basics are working.

Essentially the core requirements are the "proof of concept" level, and there isn't anything beyond that. So I should be able to focus on actually finishing it.

I already started the project, using the nx-template-workspace repo as a starting point, and this week spent a few hours setting up some re-usable ngrx.

The ngrx code still need some work, as I realized I could refactor it to support dead code elimination, which would allow it to be moved to the nx-template-workspace so it could be used for future projects.

Finally, I started re-using toggl to track my time, so I can keep a rough idea of how much time I'm spending on this project overall. I've been using this system to keep track of actual work, and side project work, more to get an idea of how toggl works, and possibly get some metrics on how much I'm working overall.

Hopefully I'll stick with this project until it gets into a usable state. All the previous 4 versions got decently far (roughly 30%) before I abandoned them, but all in all I did learn something with each iteration, and so far the latest one is no different.

Published on 9/19/21
By Brad Taniguchi