I've finally gotten around to updating this blog/portfolio site with updates to the "list" pages. The list pages are the pages used to list the blog, snippets, apps, and project posts.

From the "end-user side" the update added the following:

  • fuzzy text searching searching via fuse.js
  • sorting by created-date and title
  • tag filtering

Together it should be easier to find more interesting topics over time.

I just recently fixed some issues that was breaking the actual loading of these pages (really need to get around to adding som e2e tests), but otherwise the above features should more or less be available now.

On the "dev-side" I was able to try out more of storybook to see what its all about. I don't think the 1 component I created with storybook is the "model example" of how you can leverage storybook, but it was at least a great learning experience.

Published on 8/31/21
By Brad Taniguchi